Specialised in making high precision parts and components design and development:

  • Excellent Quality & Design
    • Our experience and knowledge optimise the support process to our clients, whereby improvement or transition to new package can be easily assisted.
    • The compact designs of the tools require lesser floor space for trim and form processes in the company. 
    • The modular design allows to combine several off-loaders and loaders. Similarly, extra assembly processes and modules can also be linked easily.


  • Made To Specification
    • Our industry knowledge of trim and form systems able to deliver various solutions, including:
      • The components can be flexibly trimmed and formed (tailor-made).
      • Provide individual tooling as per clients’ need.
      • Parts can also be re-packed as needed in trays, reel and tape as per individual needs.


  • Our Capabilities
    • Our capabilities in trim and form range from:
      • Manual to Fully Automatic Processing
      • Forming & Cropping Capabilities
      • Passive & Active Component Processing
      • Stand Off & Snap In Forms
      • Radial to Axel Lead Forming Servicing Among Others
    • We also provide superior onsite technical support on a short or long term basis.